Crystal Awareness & Crystal Dreaming™ Course

Do you feel called to work with crystals while assisting profound healing for your clients? Are you curious about shamanic work? If YES, this course may be for you!

The complete Crystal Dreaming practitioner training is taught over a three day period. Your training  commences with the one day stand-alone Crystal Awareness foundation course.   This is then followed up with the two day Crystal Dreaming practitioner training course.

Taught consecutively Crystal Awareness is a prerequisite for all Crystal Dreaming practitioner trainees.


In this one day workshop you will learn about the qualities of crystals, enabling you to use them as “medicine”. You will learn how to balance chakras with crystals, how to protect spaces, how to program a crystal, cleanse them, how to create powerful grids and their impact on a Crystal Dreaming mandala.

Subjects covered include:

  • Understanding crystals and how they affect our energy.
  • How crystals are formed and types of crystal.
  • Working with crystals for personal growth, healing and balance.
  • Expand your consciousness and enhance your environment and relationships.
  • Crystal knowledge and where it comes from.
  • Selecting, cleansing and programming crystals.
  • Preparing self and your space before using crystals.
  • Crystals for meditation, personal crystals, wearing crystals and crystals in the home.
  • Chakras, their purpose and how different crystals affect them.

You will have the opportunity to practice observing and feeling different crystals and using your intuition to sense their purpose. We will also discuss the use of crystals to ease physical pain, remember dreams, release stress, create peace and harmony, neutralize electronic interference (computers) and much more.

Your investment: 150 Euros


Crystal Dreaming™ has been developed by Raym Richards. The process is proven, practical and easy to apply. The results are immediate and frequently life transforming. In this two day course, you will learn to facilitate a drug-free shamanic journey for your clients, enabling access to the “superconscious”. Your clients will experience first hand their own divine presence and absolute bliss through Crystal Dreaming. On completion you will receive a certificate of participation allowing you to practice as a Crystal Dreaming™ facilitator.

The focus of Crystal Dreaming is to empower anyone to diagnose and treat themselves of any imbalance on any level. It will implement positive life changes from knowledge your client has personally received from the spirit realm. You will learn how to assist in releasing any blockages or limitations, cellular memories, past or present life trauma, negative energies or entities or any aspect of your clients being that requires more love and understanding.

Using a sacred mandala of crystals placed around the crown, I will teach you how to facilitate a profound journey into oneness and bliss for others, where emotional, physical and spiritual healing may occur, instantly.

You will learn how to release all blocks en route to this state, including the release of; cellular memory, emotional blockages, past or present life trauma, negative energy, entities and interference from any other source.

After releasing these blockages, your client may meet their higher self, spirit guides, spiritual teachers, Ascended Masters and other highly evolved beings of light.

These techniques open all channels to the Spirit world and beyond, facilitating interdimensional travel anywhere in time and space, whilst remaining fully conscious of this reality.

I will give you a clear understanding of the Spirit World, a realm that is often misunderstood and in contemporary Western culture rarely explained thoroughly and clearly. We will look at the area that you will be exploring with your clients and the energies and beings you are likely to encounter there, including interdimensionals and extraterrestrials.

We will be working from Raym’s book “Alchemy of Crystals” a copy of which is included in the course fee.

You will give and receive a Crystal Dreaming session during this course, which presumes knowledge of crystals and their properties.

Participants must have completed our one day Crystal Awareness course before studying Crystal dreaming.

Your investment: 325 euros

Please get in touch with Dilma to reserve your place in the course. You can choose to do the first day only or the full course. Some students will be ready to start their practice while others may take their time until they feel ready.



CRYSTAL AWARENESS™ Foundation: 4 June 2021  9am-6pm

CRYSTAL DREAMING™ Practitioner: 5 & 6 June 2021  9am-6pm

Venue: Parede (30min from Lisbon) Portugal.