Crystal Dreaming

Misty, female, 33 years old

returned client


Misty arrived as beautiful as a goddess. We reviewed her  recollection and thoughts from  our previous session a year ago. We also  discussed significant changes that happened  following that session.

A new theme has emerged since our previous session: “I’m doing good things to myself and then I get side tracked and start doing the opposite of what I need and wanted to. Its like a drug. I do things that will interrupted my flow”.

That pattern is referred to as “self sabotages” and I am curious as to what will be revealed in the session.

After guiding her through the preparation stage, I ask Misty to scan her body. She is able to pick up clear body sensations that belong to the cellular memory her body is holding from past lives:


1. I see a  jester on my right side, near my legs. It makes me feel sick in the stomach.

2. My face is a grey skeleton, my eyes are hollow and there is a devil’s red  tongue

sticking out of my mouth.

3. My left hand is holding a rod with a ball on top. Its like an amulet.

4. On my feet, I see shoes like a jester would wear.

I am already impressed at how easily and clear  these images come to her

We start with scan no. 1 by asking her to say: ‘I give myself permission to remember exactly what happened to me. Body show me now’

• I see a dark horse with a knight holding a rod. There is a woman, princess like, with him, they are together. The village is celebrating something, as if it was a carnival. There are many people walking on the cobble stone streets. Looks like early 1900’s. The people look at the couple as their role models. I am the knight. There were many people killed in the past years and I have the feeling that this happy moment will pass soon. I am holding on to the past dark experiences we went through. People are cheering as we pass by. But there is an old woman that is not. She stands out in the crowd. I think she is placing a curse on me. There is something very negative about her. Soon after, something goes wrong with the horse and the princess like woman falls. I lost my confidence as I felt the curse being put on me. I was a superstitious man.

What happened next? If you fast forward… I ask Misty.

• We had a baby. I was too protective of that child. Was always on the edge, afraid if something would happen to the child.

Where do you feel that in your body?

• In my stomach area… The baby died with a disease. It could have been Polio…I feel like it was my fault.

Lets call in the spirit of the old woman to find out why she placed the curse on you. (And we fallow the procedures to call her in).

The princess like woman, appears. She is with the old woman.

• I see now, the curse was not placed by the old woman. I created the thought of the curse! Like as if I reflected a mirror back to myself. Because of my fear, knowing that I have caused much harm to the people. I projected that the old woman was wishing me bad but in fact, I placed that curse on myself!

I asked  Mitsy (as the Knight) to apologise to the partner and old woman and then to forgive himself adding the words:

‘I have learned all that I needed about fear and self sabotage. I do not need to repeat this. We are all now released and no longer bound by this experience. Go in peace.’

When Misty was ready, I guide her into the sensations in her face (scan no.2).

• It feels tribal. As if in Tahiti, people are dancing with masks. There is a bad energy. Maybe cannibalism. I drunk a poison. I think my spirit is being possessed. I am hallucinating. There is a camp fire…I wonder if they are going to eat me???

Ask your body to take you to the moment this started…

– I was a little boy in the tribe. I am with my dad and he was teaching me. He had his genitals mutilated. I knew that was not right. It just felt wrong to me… I see now, as I turned 17 years old, they are offering me a ‘right of passage’ into becoming a man. This was part of a ceremony. It was a honour, they were treating me like a God.

Where do you feel it in your body? I ask.

• Its down in my reproductive area. I’m experiencing a gross felling, as if I am purging.

(We understand now that this was like a plant medicine ceremony the young man took, similar to what we know as Ayahuasca…He was facing fear because of the hallucinogenic but in reality he was just having his manhood initiation and was being looked after.)

How did you feel after?

• The drink purified me. I felt strong. I felt like a man.

Where do you think this was in the planet?

• Tonga ?!

I asked her to scan her body once more to see if there was something else to clear. There was a void in her womb.

•I see a frog in a lake. The frog was pregnant and it got stepped on! It got squished, all of a sudden, all is blank, I’m in shock but not feeling emotions. I am that frog.

I asked her to travel in space and time and call in the “thing” or person responsible for stepping on the frog. A BIG farmer appears. (He seems big compared with the frog but as he kneels down, he seems like an average sized man). He comes closer to the frog with compassion. It was an accident. This is very cute! The man apologises to the frog. The frog forgives the man and they are both released from this trauma.

Misty is now transported into a waterfall. There is a soft mist, a rainbow energy. The weather is perfect and there are birds around.

• I turned into a dragon fly, she shares.

• I go into a magical hole that I see in a rock. The rock is talking to me. It is sending me clear flows of energy…like a download.

I see her smily face, something pleasant its happening there and she is enjoying the feeling of this energy flow she is receiving. But I want to make sure this energy has the best of intentions:

Please ask this rock if it loves you unconditionally. 

• Yes, she nods.

Please ask two more times…

• ah NO! This is my ex-partner! My ex ex partner. I experienced him before! He is still holding on to me and it is in the way of my new relationship. I need to resolve this! It has been four years!

We cleared their connection, setting both free to find new love. She kissed the rock and left. Returning to her own body, taking in all the beautiful energy of surroundings and receiving the elements.

Misty left my geo-dome excited and radiant. She could already feel some changes.


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Crystal Dreaming Misty, female, 33 years old returned client 22/08/2017 Misty arrived as beautiful as a goddess. We reviewed her  recollection and thoughts from  our previous […]