Lessons from an Egyptian King – Crystal Dreaming – Example no. 2


Lessons from an Egyptian King – Crystal Dreaming – Example no. 2

Crystal Dreaming session image

Crystal Dreaming session

Anna, 32 y old, 6/9/16

Intentions: Want to have a partner and a child

Issues: Abuse from a man when she was 12 years old + mistrust in men


Body scan findings:

1- Squishy eyes , stiff nose, my jaw clenching like is bitting at something, like in child birth

2- Burning lips

3- Restricted throat

4- Pain in the heart

5- Left hand wrist: sharp jagged feeling

6- Dark cloud that is linked to my legs. They are cold and num and I feel a deadening pain

7- There’s a blackness in the feet


Going deeper into the body scan:

1- I feel a weakness in the knees…theres’s too much pain for the body in birth. I can see this sphere of light coming towards me through my eyes, from heaven and this is what I am focussing on. Theres’s people around, it’s cold and I can hear the sound of metal objects. There’s panic, blood, baby. I see the baby is still connected by the cord.

Tell me about the environment and who is there with you? 

-“Its in a hospital. I can see a nurse with a little hat dressed with an apron. Its not brutal, its quite civilised. Its quite scientific…I think this is in England, in the early 1900’s.

Body show me exactly what happened?

-“ I disappeared into the light, and I am regretful. Because I decided to go, it was too much but I am leaving my baby behind. I choose not to survive. (…) and the baby is fat, really well looked after! But then I get the sense that the baby was starving…maybe because I was not there to breast feed.

How old were you?

-“Early twenties. And she had plans and hopes for the future. She was quite successful in her female self. It wasn’t like the baby was what she was on Earth for, she had other plans. I get the words of: a writer/doctor, a scholar and academic. But the baby was a blessing, it was not like she didn’t want it.

Where is the father of your child?

-“I get the sense that he is outside. He is in the waiting room. He is not allowed to be next to me, its like he is blocked by the rules. I feel alone… But there is a man in the room who is the doctor, he is delivering the baby”

Are you ready to release this trauma?


We are going to call in the spirit of the baby as well as the father of this child and ask them for forgiveness. Let me know when they come…

“The baby is actually a fully grown female. It seems like the way she is being shown to me, resolves the issue itself. She is standing tall and is happy. ”

(Anna dialogues with there daughter. She accepts and surrenders to the perfection of the  past event and asks for forgiveness.)

How does she respond?

“Her energy transforms into a being of light, like a fairy. (…) and now I know she is with me all the time because I believe in fairies too.”

Please tell her that you are no longer bond by this situation, let her know that you love her much and set her free. Thank her for coming and send her your blessings. (And so it is. We then call in the spirit of her partner and do a similar process).

-“I am sorry that I left you. I was overwhelmed by the birth pain I was experiencing. (…) He is looking down and is sad….Please forgive me for leaving you behind with our child. (…)

What is happening now? 

-“ Before I was feeling a hole in my heart, and he gave me a heart. It was not his heart…it was like a symbol of our love.”

Please find a way to embrace him and have a moment together…acknowledging the connection you just had… (They find completion and he goes).

2- I would like you to notice your burning lips. And say: I give myself permission to remember exactly what happened me (…)

– “There is a camp fire, its a native american camp. There’s people around and there are elders. I am a woman and am in my tent. I get pulled back into my tent and it is brutal. Its like a rape. Its from my partner. He is quite respected…or he is the son of a respected elder. We were matched…I was bought or sold to him. He is too powerful! I feel in my lips the fire…I was struggling, I didn’t want to be with him. I feel heavy in my chest and he is on top of me; I feel frail and suffocated. I can see this memory but I am num, I’m not feeling the pain of it.”

Can you tell me your age then?

-“ I was young, 17 or even 14.”

What happened to her? 

– “She wasn’t responding to stimulus anymore, its like she had switched off. Not just to her life but she also switched of to the light. So she was feeling alone. I’m not sure until what aged she lived…I think she lived until old but she stopped living her life then. “

We called this man in…he come to my client as a man, then he transformed into a boy, a baby and into a bird. He returned to the earth. The mater is no longer…Anna dialoged with him and forgave him. Both found peace.

3- Please tune in to your throat and notice if its still feeling restricted. It was so we went back in time and space and this is what she saw:

“I was a man and another man cut my throat. He was ordered to do it. I think I was a knight…in that time I didn’t know who to trust. I think things were corrupted. I can see my wife and child in the background – they have been brought out of their house to come and watch. This is happening in a square, in a stage next to a wall, during the day. It wasn’t for everyone to see but particularly for her to see.

How were you feeling? I asked.

-“Rage, because I couldn’t prevented it from happening.”

Are you ready to let this go?


We call in the people responsible for his death.

…”mmmmm, I know this person. Its my friend from Brasil.”

They dialogue and eventually forgive each other. He is released and goes in peace. We now call in the spirit of his partner and child to ask for their forgiveness for leaving them. They embrace and resolve it.

In their presence, I would like you to find the place in you, to forgive yourself. To allow this being to accept that this situation was beyond his ability to control. And that everything is perfect. (…)

4-  Lets connect with the blackness around the feet. Allow your body’s cellular memory to awaken and show you what happened. 

– “I get a sense of a draining feeling…like concrete pouring…kind of a vampire feeling if they were draining blood but its not a vampire. I can see that my soul is bouncing back and forwards, like its trying to get in and out of the body but its not out yet.”

Is it like as if you were being buried?

– “I see now a black tomb. Like an Egyptian buried area.”

(I help her going deeper)

-“Its like a drilling in my head. Like I am fixed. And there is a smell of preservation. I was a king. I just wanted my body to be free but others, they wanted to see me, to preserve me. (…) And I can see the colours blue, yellow, white. I see symbols in the walls, gold…and the luxury. But I recognise at that point that nothing of that is worth anything, that its not what goes…whats important is not the body or the material world…my soul got tight there, in that place…because of my believe that ‘that was who I was’. Everything was about other peoples perceptions, the value that people put on me made me valuable but then, when I died, my values were different than what they have placed on me. Its quite a sensitive thing for me, quite private and still it was a public display…I feel ripped open, exposed and trapped to that world.“

What do you think you learned with this experience?

-“They did not see the parts of me that were deceitful but I knew them…so I judged myself and that is the thing that trapped me. I realise that what was important was my relationship with myself and not what others perceive of me.

Across time and space we call in the spirit of the man that was an Egyptian king…thank you so much for showing me a part of myself. Thank you for showing me my power and my weakness. I want you to know that I accept all that you are.” (Anna carries on talking to him and both find peace).

He is released. “Its like the genius in the bottle that gets free”

The session carries on for 20 minutes more. The client connects to spirit guides and stays in dream space a little longer until returning to her body.  


1- Clearing her past life trauma in birth labour was important in order for Anna to become a mom.

2- Her experience with the Native American husband was definitely a powerless place to be and cause mistrust in men. I trust this will help Anna opening the path to real love and connection.

3- Abandonment of her family when she was a knight are now also cleared – restoring confidence that her future family can stay together as one will be a positive energetic shift allowing it to be possible.

4- I love the realisation that the Egyptian King brings us: That the relationship with ourselves is more important than what others perceive of us. That the material world is not as important as our experience of love.

“I feel like a new person. More me. More at peace.” – said Anna when I checked in with her one week after the session.


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