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I want to share with you about an awareness I gained via Kinesiology balances. Recently three of my clients sessions showed that they needed to address something related to WATER. When “water” comes as a correction, we have two options:

1- Quantity
2- Quality

All of the three clients needed to drink more water and I suggested to them to use a one litre bottle to monitor the amount and aim to drink 2,5 littles per day. Inspired by my own suggestion, I too started monitoring my intake. I then realised that I was not drinking as much water as I needed!!! Other drinks do not count unless they are herbal teas which are great for the body. So I made a commitment to drink more.

I’m very selective about the quality of water I drink. Its very important that you drink filtered water and of a neutral or alkaline PH. You can get PH test papers from any pharmacy to check the PH of the water you are drinking. The more alkaline the best for our body. Rain water is very acidic! Adding sodium Bicarbonate brings the PH higher and if you want, you can invest in other products offered in Health food shops. I personally add a few drops of Liquid Chlorophyll into my warm water in the morning or at times just some lemon. Its these small little habits that bring health and keep us in balance.

WHEN to drink water:

1- first thing in the morning
2- before you shower
3- half an hour before meals
4- last thing in the day

I hope this inspires you!

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