How big is your aura?

How do crystals affect our consciousness?

How big is your aura?

I used to do an exercise in my dance groups: a volunteer would stand in the middle of the room while the other dancers were further away by the edge of the walls. I would then walk towards the person in the middle of the room whilst holding two divining rods (parallel metal rods that are also used to detect underground water). This is a way to measure an aura size. I would start about eight metres away from the person and slowly walk towards them. For one volunteer who had been working physically hard the whole day and therefore was quite tired, the rods opened when they were about 50cm from his body (meaning that his energy field was extending to an area 50 cm around his body). Then I would ask the student to think about a very happy moment and the size of his aura would then become three metres! With another dancer, the rods would open five metres from her body! She was radiating a sparkly electrical energy! This experiment showed us that the size of our aura varies with our emotional and mental state of being and energy levels.

I met Tess recently. A very beautiful young 24 years old girl who was sent to a mental hospital for 5 weeks due to not being understood. She is a delicate flower. In her natural state, her aura is so expanded that she can pick up many things from the environment she is in. We call people like Tess, empaths*. She shared that if she goes past town (we are talking about our tiny little town called Mullumbimby in NSW), she can feel many things both pleasant and unpleasant. Via Kinesiology, we discovered that she naturally extends her energy field (aura) because she wants to connect with others. By taking in what others feel, she then can empathise with them and ultimately receive some of their attention too. This happens unconsciously of course. She is a sponge! And therefore, she is very affected by the environment she is in; not cooping with mobile phones, wi-fi, loud music or loud anything. She is hyper sensitive; her life force was very low and her stress level high. That is why she come to me for sessions.

Like Tess, many of us may think that having a large aura is a “good thing”. You enter a room of people and your presence is noticed before you say a word. But what I am learning is that a very large and expanded aura could have weaknesses and be susceptible to energy invasions – making the person vulnerable.

YOU can practice visualising and sensing this invisible energy field around your body:

Notice a column of light above your crown. This light is connected to universal energy & it reaches all the way to the starts and beyond. It is an unconditional loving light that follows you everywhere like a spot light. As you breathe in, feel this light; let it create an egg shape around your body. With each in breath, this light becomes stronger & fuller and the “walls” of your egg are well defined. With your out breath, you can choose to project from your hara, heart and third eye, a star. This star expands to create further layers of light around your egg. Do this for 2 to 4 minutes a day and notice how protected and balanced you will feel.

Physical body imbalances start manifesting or entering initially from the auric fields. On a vibrational level, an unwanted energy can enter us if the auric field has “leaks”.

In PKP Kinesiology, we test at five levels, testing each field in turn:
1- Physical – touching body
2- Etheric (electrical) – 5cm away from body
3- Emotional – 30-45cm away from body
4- Mental – 90cm to 1m from body
5- Spiritual – further than one meter

UK Kinesiologist Andrew Kemp says: “the energy in your aura will slow down into physical form, so our aura is, in effect, a sneak preview of our physical health in the weeks ahead. It needs to be clean and balance!”. I find that spending time in nature, specially the beach, its a good way to balance our energy fields. 10 minutes of sun light a day come a long way too and of course, muscle testing for the Aura mode with kinesiology will give you an accurate reading about whats going on.

Thank you for reading. If you found this blog interesting, please feel free to share it with friends.

Dilma Morais – Kinesiologist, Crystal Dreaming practitioner, dancer, jewellery designer & Airbnb host.

*Empaths: are affected by other people’s energies & have the innate ability to intuitively perceive and feel other people. An empath will take on the energies of everyone, including the good, the bad and the nasty.

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