Crystal Dreaming® Benefits

Using Crystal Dreaming® we can locate and dissolve challenges manifesting in the present that have their roots in another time and place.This may include past lives and frequently relates to unresolved emotional trauma.

The benefits of Crystal Dreaming® can include:

  • Connecting with spiritual guides or guardian angels
  • Release of negative energies in your aura
  • Understanding the root cause of disease or repetitive patterns & how to resolve it
  • Reclaiming past life skills
  • Clarity of life purpose
  • Release of past or present life traumas
  • Meeting family members that have passed
  • Reconnect to the divine higher self
  • Consciously activate and align with your life plan
  • Experiencing the loving being you are as one with ALL THERE IS

A sense of profound emotional, physical and spiritual healing can be experienced during and following a Crystal Dreaming® treatment.