Kinesiology Testimonials

Kirra Gorrie

Teacher aide

I would like to let you know that my eczema faded very fast and never came back since your treatment!

GeorGina Kelly

The Art of Mindful Birthing

I had a kinesiology session with Dilma, who has a depth of intuitive literacy. Really helpful in focusing on an aspect of my life I'd like to change ..... Working with the mind and working with the body. Recommend it!  

Olivier John Maxted

Sound Bath Healing

I received kinesiology from Dilma on 3 occasions to help me deal with emotions around relationship problems. After each treatment I felt much lighter and clearer about my feelings and my partner.  My partner and I were able to move forward together in a much stronger way. Thank you Dilma for your insight and skills in helping us through this time.  

Kerry Ann Purdy

The essential touch, massage therapy

Thank you so much for the beautiful treatment today. Your home and treatment room has a lovely serene energy. I felt very nurtured during the treatment, and was amazed at the messages my body was giving us. It’s very interesting how this happens, and how much we can store inside ourselves. I now feel very peaceful, like a weight has lifted. You are a very dedicated and caring therapist...a true healer. Thank you.    


Encompassing feminine wisdom and compassion, Dilma has facilitated my inner healing on deep fundamental levels of being. I highly recommend her. In gratitude.