Dance Classes




Dancing the 5Rhythms® wave from the intimacy of our home, joining many friends around the world, via Zoom.

Weekly on Tuesday’s and Fridays

  • We gather for 1:30h to check in, dance & connect.
  • Please enter the zoom call on time as we will be closing access after 5 minutes, and suggestions for the practice will be given.
  • The sessions are for taking part in, please put your video on so we can see you.

  • There will be some interaction with each other while dancing & guidance given prior to dance
  • If these times don’t work for you, you can still dance to the playlists;
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  • The playlist will be on Mix-cloud or Soundcloud and given to you in the meeting.


10am WEST (UTC +1) Lisbon/London time

11pm CEST (UTC +2) Amsterdam/ Brussels/ Rome/ Geneva, Switzerland/ Vienna, Austria, Oslo

12pm Tel Aviv, Israel/ Moscow, Russia

5pm Macau, Singapore

7pm Sydney/ Byron Bay/ Brisbane in Australia.

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♥ Program ♥
10:00am – Greetings and setting intentions
10:15am – Dance
11:05am – Sharing circle
11:30am – Closure

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Meeting ID: 471 761 522
Topic: 5Rhythms Dance to connect – Online
Time: 10:00 AM Lisbon / 7pm Sydney – Byron Bay

Jun 2
Jun 9
Jun 16
Jun 23
Jun 30


6pm WEST (UTC +1) Lisbon, Portugal / London

7pm CEST (UTC +2) Amsterdam/ Brussels/ Rome/ Geneva/ Vienna/ Oslo/ Budapest

8pm EEST (UTC +3) Bucharest, Romania

10am PDT (UTC -7) San Francisco, CA, USA

1pm EDT (UTC -4)  New York, NY, USA

10am PDT (UTC -7) Nelson, Canada

11am MDT (UTC -6) Chihuahua, Mexico

2pm BRT (UTC -3)  São Paulo, Brazil

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♥ FRIDAY Program ♥
18:00 – Greetings and setting intentions
18:15 – Dance
19:05 – Sharing circle
19:30 – Closure

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 869 3364 2417
Topic: 5Rhythms Dance to connect – Online on Fridays
Time:  6pm Lisbon

May 29
Jun 5
Jun 12
Jun 19
Jun 26
Jul 3

DONATION: between € 5 to € 15 (6-20$ AUD)

IBAN: PT5001 9300 0010 5031 7067 136
Name: Dilma Maria Rodrigues De Morais
MBWAY: 93 751 2522 (Portugal only)

PAYPAL: [email protected] (Euros/ Europe)

Australian Bank: Westpac
Bsb: 732573
AC. 605000
D M Rodrigues De Morais


  • Clear a space as big as possible to move in. Be mindful of possible obstacles, especially rugs and table corners. 2,5-3m is good
  • Turn your mobile phone off/ give yourself this sacred time
  • Wear comfortable clothes that you can move and sweat in
  • Have water available
  • The playlist will be sent the day before via email and in the zoom chat. Please do not start hearing it as you may not be able to start again from the beginning if you have a free plan.
  • For optimal sound – you can connect bluetooth, stereo speakers or mirror your TV to your computer. While computer audio works fine, the experience is elevated if you connect real speakers. You can test your sound before class by playing music from your computer.
  • Check in with your self, see how you feel and set an intention for your dance/ movement practice.


Centro Upaya
CLASSES PAUSED due to Covid-19

Calcada dos Sete Moinhos, 143 A, 1070-267 Lisbon, Portugal

Second & Fourth Sunday of the month 19:00 to 21:30

* Please arrive by 18:45 to give yourself time to socialize and settle before dance. *

Contribution: 15 €


14 June
28 June


  • Communicate with your body & not with words (avoid talking while dancing).
  • Wear layers as we warm-up and cool-down
  • Bring water to hydrate
  • Drug and alcohol free space
  • Make yourself comfortable by taking off jewellery / belts / watches etc
  • Be present in your mediation and respect others personal space
  • Move how you feel and stay open to changing
  • Do your best not to judge or have expectations of yourself and others. Each time you show up, your dance will be unique to that moment. The more freedom you give to yourself, the more you will support others to do the same.
  • Initially you may feel self-conscious, but you will be surprised how quickly that passes.
  • Slow down when you need but do not stop your moving meditation
  • Enjoy yourself!