Crystal Dreaming® Testimonials

Freer Bonne


I can openly say that I have a back ground of complex trauma and lived experience of childhood abuse. Over the past 20 years of my healing journey, I've been exploring all kinds of healing modalities. I was invited to be held by Dilma in one of her Crystal dreaming sessions. Wow it's one of the most life changing, powerful, deep, freeing, safe, held experiences my body, soul & mind has felt and been a witness to. Dilma lovingly has a beautiful way of inviting your unseen shadows to unfold and have its place in the light and returning you back to your natural state. I believe that returning home to ones self is the richest experience to gift yourself. If you feel ready to embrace your higher self, let go of past wounds and return home to your full loving clear self - I highly recommend booking a session with Dilma.

Emma Ryan


I have been feeling great since the session with Dilma. I think I have cleared some big stuff! I feel a lot lighter having cleared a lot of anger and trauma from numerous past lives.

Yuki Nishino

Bush Flower Therapist

Before the session, I had no idea what was going to happen. Trusting Dilma, and with a sense of an adventure, I totally enjoyed exploring and meeting my past lives in a timeless amazing space. I was impressed how the Skype session worked really well for this kind of work. I feel light in my body after the session and very grateful to receive the wisdom from my past selves. By letting go, the burdens from my past lives transformed to light and grace.

Claudia Koch

Coach and trainer for professional reorientation

Dilma is a very experienced and careful person. While taking me on this Crystal Dreaming inner journey I always felt safe and cared for. Dilma has a great wisdom and intuition and her guidance allowed myself to open up and get deep inner transformations going and into peace. It would definitely return to Dilma when needed. If you come from more far away, you can also stay at her lovely airbnb.

Lucinda Chave

Writer & Life Coach

What an incredible experience it was to have a Crystal Dreaming session with Dilma. Knowing little about the practice initially but guided by a feeling, I am so glad I followed my intuition. Dilma provided a beautiful and safe space for me to fall deep into the state needed to reach the depths of my subconscious and I was able to uncover multiple past lives and the karmic influences they still have to this day. After acknowledging and clearing them I have since experienced less of an impact and I am far more conscious of the patterns that arise in my life. Dilma's caring nature, beautiful space and her ability to take you to the point of uncovering these priceless gems is incredible. Rarely do I fall into such depths. I will be forever thankful for the session and for the changes that I have experienced. If you're drawn to this idea or you're debating whether or not to book a session, I wholeheartedly recommend you go for it. It's not something you will forget easily and you won't be disappointed. Thank you so much Dilma.