What is Kinesiology?

Kinesiology is a holistic therapy that reads information held in the subconscious and aims to increase general well-being by restoring balance to the entire system. It combines the principles of traditional Chinese Medicine with Western techniques using gentle muscle testing to gain accurate information about your current situation and what is needed to help your body, mind and spirit to restore balance.

Your body can give you immediate feedback. It can tell you which foods strengthen or weaken you, what you need to do to build confidence and heal your life; how to increase your vitality and have physical, emotional, chemical and energetic balance in your life.

The whole being is balanced, rather than treating symptoms or diseases. Muscle testing is used to monitor stress and imbalances within the body/mind providing an effective tool to detect and correct blockages relating to stress, nutrition, injuries, energies, learning problems, etc.

Profound changes can often be experienced after just one session, however, it is recommended to have a series of sessions so that you have time to adjust to the changes being made and to support your body/mind/spirit to be at its optimal self.

What can you expect from a Kinesiology balance?

In your initial consultation, a case history is taken and we will establish the primary issues you wish to resolve and what you hope to achieve. Using gentle muscle tests we will then identify imbalance and stress in your body relating to the presenting issue and any underlying causes. After we have an understanding of the core issue, your body will guide us in what corrections are needed in order to establish a state of balance and harmony. We will use a variety of methods to assist you. These may include:

  • Goal setting
  • Counseling
  • Acupressure
  • Emotional stress release
  • Muscle correction techniques
  • Flower essences
  • Nutritional support
  • Reflex points
  • Past or future time emotions awareness
  • Meridian flow enhancement
  • Sound, color, chakra balances
  • and other energetic techniques.

*Kinesiology sessions are conducted fully clothed.*

What drew me to Kinesiology?

I received my first Kinesiology session back in 1996 while living in London. I would arrive to each session full of “stories”, a big list of questions and in a deflated state of confusion. I would leave the session feeling excited, full of energy, clear and most importantly – happy. During these sessions I learned about energy work and the effects on and in my body. Since that initial experience I have adopted this modality to help me overcome many life challenges and have always been fascinated with the “magic” of how things have improved for me. Having turned to, and drawn benefit, so often from Kinesiology I decided to become a practitioner and in 2011 studied at Byron Kinesiology Centre  (ICPKP)


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