Crystal Dreaming 1

Crystal Dreaming
Sandra, 24 y old

Issues: communication and boundaries
Traumas: betrayal from her first boyfriend + attracting males that are not gentle or nurturing

Body scan findings:
1- there is a black cloudiness on top of my heart
2- sacral area, a black kind of disc
3- throat area: I feel a white sharp thing…

Going deeper into the body scan:

1- I can feel a sensation in my belly, there is fear and tightness. I am noticing a sharpness in my heart. I see a man speeding in a horse. He’s running towards a person, holding a flag.  He doesn’t have any weapon… there are many green trees around. I am that man!

A dagger goes into my chest and something else in my throat. I see a bow and arrow.

What feelings is this man having?
-“He is feeling that he “can take it”. He is a freedom rider. (A freedom rider is a person who challenged racial laws in South America in the 1960’s). He falls on the ground when the other man hit him with a wooden stick. My horse runs away… and I die there on the floor. It looks like I did something wrong by him…”

Are you ready to release this trauma?
so let’s do a forgiveness process:

“I across time and space I call on the beings responsible for my death. Please stand before me now.
Two men are here…”

Sandra dialogues with those men. She accepts and surrenders to the perfection of the events that they experienced in the past. She chooses to forgive them both, so that they are no longer bound by this experience. They too ask for her forgiveness and then depart in peace.

2- I would like you to connect again with your sacred area, where you could sense a black disc. Give yourself permission to remember exactly what happened to you & ask your body to show you now.

-“I see a man and a woman in a kitchen. He is holding the woman by the throat and pointing a gun at her. She is pregnant… she is not sure who the baby is from. He punch her on the face, near her right cheek. She is terrified and feeling helpless. Her whole face hurts. He is saying that he is going to kill her and the baby… and then shuts a bullet and kills them. “

What was their relationship? I ask
-“It seems like they set up home together, maybe he was my husband.”

Let’s call him in so that you can forgive him:
– “Across time and space I call on the spirit of my husband. Please stand before me now. (pause) I surrender to the perfection of the events that unfolded and I have learnt a great deal from them. I no longer need to repeat this experience and I choose to leave it in the past where it belongs…

I see the man asking for my forgiveness. He’s a tall man and has his hands in prayer position. I feel quite small comparing with him and I don’t trust him…”

They dialogue and eventually forgive each other. He is released and goes in peace but we have one more forgiveness to offer: the soul of the baby comes through and Sandra and her baby have a conversation.
– “All is perfect” – says the soul. “I’m sorry I didn’t have the chance to be your child…”
– “I had no power over the situation- says Sandra – I’m sorry to have lost you. I love you very much.”
And they release each other to carry on their paths.

The waterfall experience:

Take yourself to a beautiful place in nature where there is a crystal clear waterfall and rock pool…

“I am walking on a dirt road, my bare feet on soil. The sun is warm. There is a picnic rug and a dog… oh, it’s Phoebe my childhood dog! Phoebe takes me to the beach. I see a male figure. He’s quite gentle… he points back at the forest as if he wants me to go back but then disintegrates. He is gone! Phoebe is running along the beach &then takes me uphill into the forest. I see a house that I have seen before many times… there’s a fire pit … Someone is sitting by the fire: is an elder man.”

We worked out, he is one of Sandra’s spiritual guides.
“Show me when did we spend time together and what we did?
What was our relationship? “

“We planted things together in a big garden. I was your grandfather”
-“What changes I should make in my life to live in service to light and unconditional love?”- asks Sandra

Sandra gets a vision of her new house: how it looks, with whom is she sharing it and the location. She’s also encouraged to take acting classes, speaking her truth, doing silent meditation, sleep more and resting her active mind.
Grandfather give her some clarity in relation to a lady she is having trouble with at work: “she’s trying to challenge you. You must recognise your own truth, voice it and become aware of what no longer serves you. Please keep playing the guitar and be patient with men. I will always be by the fire, you can meet me there!”

Sandra is now looking at the earth, seeing many light beings playing chest. (interesting vision!) She went into the earth, touched it and then returned back up into the stars. She is feeling oneness with the universe.
Grandfather wants to introduce her to a man.

“Its the same man that I’ve seen by the beach! We are shaking hands. He guides me to the door of this house… Phoebe is inside already.”

Can you describe the house for me?
-“There is a massage table in the room and a guitar & books on the other room… there is a kitchen and bedroom.
We’re having tea by the table.”
“What is your relationship with me? – she asks. “Why are you showing yourself to me?”
“I like you” – he says. “do you like this house? is this what you want?”
Sandra feels suspicious, she doesn’t trust him.
– “We met in a past life… we were brother and sister.”
– “Do you love me unconditionally?”- she asks.
“No I don’t” – and then he got upset.

I encouraged Sarah to ask him to leave. Their contract is no longer serving them and it has finished a long time ago. It took a little bit of convincing. We needed to call in some unconditional loving beings that cared for this man, they helped him to depart.

-“This man was blocking you” – said the grandfather. “Remember to watch your thoughts. I would like you to get healthy, drink good water and sleep more. Eat red meat and freshly squeezed orange juice and most of all, remember to have FUN! “


1- The trauma of being killed when she (as a man) was a Freedom Rider, speaking out his truth, explains why Sandra has had difficulty expressing her needs and boundaries. The price she paid was too high.
2 – Being killed by her husband when she was pregnant, set her up for mistrusting men and attracting others that would not be supportive or honouring of her.
3 – The man that “liked her” and appeared to her while she was in an altered state, has been with her for a long time. His possessiveness towards her has been affecting her relationships with other men. She is now free from this dark influence.
4 – By clearing these past traumas, she is now free to be more in herself, her power and her truth. Also, she is being encouraged by Grandfather, one of her spirit guides to apply some changes that will serve her well.

I hope this gives you an idea of how a session can go. They are a very personal experience. I found them always fascination. Thanks for reading, Dilma


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Crystal Dreaming Sandra, 24 y old 10/9/15 Issues: communication and boundaries Traumas: betrayal from her first boyfriend + attracting males that are not gentle or nurturing […]