In Portugal not many people are familiar with Kinesiology and even less with Crystal dreaming…So hopefully this blog will help you figuring out which modality will be more appropriate for you.


is a holistic therapy that reads information held in the subconscious and aims to increase general well-being by restoring balance to the entire system. It combines the principles of traditional Chinese Medicine with Western techniques using gentle muscle testing to gain accurate information about your current situation and what is needed to help your body, mind and spirit to restore balance.

Your body can give you immediate feedback. It can tell you which foods strengthen or weaken you, what you need to do to build confidence and heal your life; how to increase your vitality and have physical, emotional, chemical and energetic balance in your life.

The whole being is balanced, rather than treating symptoms or diseases. Muscle testing is used to monitor stress and imbalances within the body/mind providing an effective tool to detect and correct blockages relating to stress, nutrition, injuries, energies, learning problems, etc.

In our session, we will focus on one issue you want to improve and the whole session will be about that issue. So it will be a practical, healing session and you may have home work to do.



is also not known here in Portugal. There are not many practitioners in Europe and I am the only one in Portugal. I’m grateful for the internet so I can keep in touch with my Ozzy colleagues.

Crystal Dreaming® is a safe, drug-free shamanic healing technique developed by Raym Richards over the past 25 years. A healing technique which uses the power of crystals to help you drop into a deep meditative state, where you can perceive past life experiences.

How does it work?
By placing crystals around the body in a unique mandala it is possible to trigger a shift in your consciousness into an “altered state” where a shamanic journey or Crystal Dreaming™ occurs. In this expanded state of awareness, after clearing negative energy and self healing, it is possible to experience a state of absolute bliss, where profound emotional, physical and spiritual healing may occur.

For those who are challenged by ill health, which refuses conventional treatment, whether it be created in this life, previous lives or other realities, we will locate, diagnose and treat the cause of any imbalance or energy blockage in the first session. Results of your Crystal Dreaming® are immediate and permanent and have to be experienced to be believed.

Crystal Dreaming is a good practice if you are feeling a little out of your path and want to remember your purpose and what are you here for. It is also a good way to clear repeated patterns, addictions and stubborned issues. You will be feeling more aligned and connected to yourself.

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In Portugal not many people are familiar with Kinesiology and even less with Crystal dreaming…So hopefully this blog will help you figuring out which modality will […]
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