What is Crystal Dreaming and why did I become a practitioner?

Crystal Dreaming session
What is Crystal Dreaming and why did I did this training
The possessive brother – Crystal dreaming Journey – Example no. 1

What is Crystal Dreaming and why did I become a practitioner?

Crystal Dreaming™ is a safe shamanic journey into your full potential. It was created by Raym about 20 years ago. I was fortunate to train with him.

How does it work?
By placing crystals around the body in a unique mandala it is possible to trigger a shift in your consciousness into an “altered state” where a shamanic journey or Crystal Dreaming™ occurs. In this expanded state of awareness, after clearing negative energy and self healing, it is possible to experience a state of absolute bliss, where profound emotional, physical and spiritual healing may occur.

On this journey a trained practitioner will assist with the release all blockages, including the release of; cellular memory, emotional blockages, past or present life trauma, negative energy, entities and interference from any other source. These techniques open all channels to the spirit world and beyond, facilitating inter-dimensional travel whilst remaining fully conscious (bi-location). In this state, profound, positive and immediate life changes often occur.

For those who are challenged by ill health, which refuses conventional treatment, whether it be created in this life, previous lives or other realities, we will locate, diagnose and treat the cause of any imbalance or energy blockage in the first session. Results of your Crystal Dreaming™ are immediate and permanent and have to be experienced to be believed.

Few, if any repeat sessions are required. These advanced techniques enable you to reconnect in full consciousness with your spiritual team or “Spirit Guides”. With their assistance you may explore any aspect of reality, you may discover your life’s purpose by integrating your Higher Self, or you may interact with other more evolved beings of light and unconditional love. You may meet with your Guardian Angel, Spiritual Teacher or the Ascended Master closest to your heart.

Crystal Dreaming™ will bring clarity of purpose to your life and frequently leads to a blissful reconnection with the Divine, it presents you with a golden opportunity to consciously activate and align with your life plan or “blueprint” in service to the Divine and in a state of perfect harmony with the rest of creation.One session can achieve this.

Why did I trained?
I have noticed via kinesiology that many of my clients have some kind of attachments or entities in their aura. This apparently is very common and even though I’m able to clear this with Kinesiology, I think its very empowering for the client to be able to “do the work” themselves and have some direct communication with these entities to understand why they gave permission for such to enter their bodies. Crystal dreaming has the power to connect us with past lives events that are still unresolved and keep reflecting in our present life. I have not been interested in past lives to be honest, as I prefer to focus in the present moment but I have realised that actually if something is unresolved, the best is to understand it and complete the process of forgiveness so that the past has no longer power over us and that we are free to move on into our journey to becoming the best we can be.

When can you book a session?

You can book your session now! Call me on 0431035271

PS: sessions are held in Mullumbimby, NSW, on Monday, Tuesday, Friday and weekends when possible.

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